Monday, 27 September 2010

Google's Birthday

Websites come and go, but google has always been here (at least for the last 12 years) to guide us.
Before google I used Lycos and Altavista to find things.

Google has always been a big player even back in the day when it was young, a quick search on wikipedia says that google was created on just $100k, and it's now worth absolute billions!
As I have watched google grow, I've seen it go from strength to strength, however that doesn't mean it hasn't made some mistakes.

One of the most recent mistakes it's made is Google Wave. Unfortunatly for them it just never took off, but that's what I like about google, it will make a mistake and just brush it off and forget about it, only to innovate more.

12 more years!


  1. That's exactly the thing, Google is one of the only companies that can actually AFFORD to have a recently released service of theirs bomb out xD

  2. I wish i could just brush off million dollar mistakes! haha

  3. Hard to not notice ^^, everyday i'm using google :]

    Mm... cake :)

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  6. It seems like they've been here forever though lol

  7. Google Represent since '98! From what I've heard from friends they're one of the best companies to work for in the US as far as treating their employees. Lets just hope their dark side is somewhere close to tolerable... I don't want to imagine what evils Google could conjure with their massive economic weight.


  8. Google is awesome, but it'll be the cyberdine of our generation

  9. I for one welcome our Google masters.