Friday, 1 October 2010

4chan's birthday

Wow another birthday!
When I first browsing 4chan, I was around 13(I think about 2003-2004?) the board was't that popular, however it was great (even /b/ was good).
All was great for a few years until it started becoming popular and social networkers starting to infect it.

At least there's /g/!


  1. God 4chan is pure shit, /b/ used to be good, regardless of what people think.
    I remember finding it from a TF2 server lol

  2. surprising to see someone who's been on 4chan as long as I have, and at the same age I started at.

    I remember it was just starting, and I would only ever touch /b/, hahahah..

    now it's just /sp/, /trv/, and /fa/.